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How to register and submit an article for free
First Step: in the Main Page of the Conference site,find the “ Registration” and select" signup "Item . Second Step: Study the Regulation of Registration and Approve it......
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Possibility to send a certificate of acceptance of articles by e-mail
It informs the participants that,Considering the arrangements made by the Conference Secretariat,for the convenience of all the foreign participants,cost of register and submit the article are free. It is worth noting that a certificate of acceptance of articles will be sent to their e-mail
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Invitation from dear university professors for cooperation in the scientific committee and referees of the conference.
From interested peoples for cooperation and membership in the scientific committee and referees of the conference,will be requested to register from Horizontal menu of site,papers judgment system. Only people who have PhD degree can be a member of this committee. Make sure you along with filling the form,submit your academic resume in a zip format.
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Possibility of registration in the conference
For observation of the dear participant of the conference,Possibility of virtual registration in the conference has been provided. For selection of registration,go to your private user control panel services part.
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Necessary tips for papers submission:
Dear researchers,for Raising of the conference desirability,please observe the following points:
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Indexing of papers in the Scientific Valid Databases of Iran:
All of accepted papers in the conference will be indexed in the Scientific Valid Databases of Iran .
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